Total noob here, need help plz!

i have a rar file, and i want to make it into a iso file i guess so i can play the game, singles on PC, do i extract it and burn it with nero ? or just burn the rar file…

I’ve burned rar’s as images with no problems but if you can,open it up and see if there’s an ISO inside first.If so,just extract it and buuuurn it… :slight_smile:

you can’t burn .rar files as images! you can burn .iso files as images whiuch may also LOOK like an .rar file but it’s not. Look at the extension if it’s .iso you can burn it as an image in nero or program of your choice, If it’s .rar you MUST extract it.



wtf does that prove? all that does is show you put a VIRTUAL CD in a drive that has an .rar file on it wake up to yourself

you must not be happy today or you don’t like people copying games.Relax,just tryin to show what has worked for me.Proves that you can mount a rar and burn the contents.The rar is accepted as an image(iso etc…).He can mount his rar(if he has a virtual drive) and burn the contents from the image drive as is.I’ve mounted and installed apps this way and burned apps this way and they’ve worked both ways.Sorry I stirred up a fuss.

thx guys i’ll try it, now that i just got back from IN n OUT, haha if i run into any probs i’ll just post it

cool :cool:

OK, i extracted it and found only one BIN file labled Layout, is that what i use to make the virtual drive ???

there’s no .cue file with it?

no just that bin file…im starting to think that its not a ISO after all

burn the .bin file it’s just another programs extension. Use Nero to burn it to disc

You have to have .cue to burn that .bin as an image.Go here and see how to make the .cue file yourself and see if it works.I’ve not dealt with a .bin w/o a .cue so read the directions carefully.