Total Newbie



I am totally new to creating DVD movies from home video’s. I have a sony handycam with IEEE port and for the first time the other day I connected it to my PC. Windows detected the camera no problem. I started the process of copying the video to my hard disk. It was going ata speed of 1X. I was very surprised, and am wondering is this normal? I would have expected it to be alot faster…after all I kept hearing that IEEE is faster tham USB…so what is the point of having faster if i only goes at 1X speeds?

Sorry…but as I said…totally new to this sort of stuff.

PS. I then had to convert the file using NeroVision to DVD format to burn to DVD and play it in my DVD player. I was successful in the end…it just took a very long time. Perhaps thats just how slow video editing hs to be???


Your video capture rate should be almost exactly the same as the time it would take to play the video.


Cool…things look ok then…