Total newbie with troubles burning dvds

My pleasure. Welcome to CDFreaks by the way. :slight_smile:

I’d try different Blank type media.

I just had to come back here and thank Cressida. I used the NeroVision thing and apparently my dvd files were PAL and NeroVision changed them to NTSC so now they do work on my standalone dvd player, wooooo, thank you!! :bow:

Great :clap: :cool:
I’ll try to remember that PAL video played on NTSC gear can bring up vertical lines…

I wouldn’t know, as I’m in a PAL region, and besides that, my standalone AND my TV set can read NTSC :slight_smile:

Haha, yeah, I don’t know if that was the complete problem or what have you but once it was changed and I burnt it off to disc, I can watch it perfectly on my standalone player :slight_smile:

Weird that the picture don’t went black/white too…

Ok, here’s another question. Prolly a stupid one but hey, you don’t learn if you don’t ask…

Is there any way to erase stuff from a DVD-R disc or are the ones I messed up with last night just trash now? Well, guess not trash since they are viewable on my computer but still, if I could erase em to reuse that would be plenty nice.

Yo sc-

Ordinary DVD’s = NO!!

DVD-RW (rewritable) = YES!!

Verbatim is about the only rewritable that is worth a damn-

Do your self a big favor and buy NOTHING but good media - Verbatim (Best Buy and Office Max have sales all the time) and Tayio Yuden ( is best online place to buy these)-

Happy Burnin’-eh!!

Ok, thanks for the advice, will be sure to put it to use :slight_smile:

DVD-R is [B]WORM[/B] == [B]W[/B]rite [B]O[/B]nce [B]R[/B]ead [B]M[/B]any media.
Re-writeable dvd media were invented before and later of DVD-R.

DVD-R (Authoring and General)