Total newbie help recoding dvd

i am not sure if this is the right place to ask?? i found a few older movies that are not available in U.S. but they are available in other countries. well i went to order a couple of them and that is when i found out about regional coding or something like that for dvds. is there a way i can buy these movies and recode them so they will play on my dvd player. i looked at some players that will play anything but they are very expensive. any help is appreciated

It may be possible to find a region free hack for your current dvd player.

Look on this list and see if you can find one for your player.

Where did you order the dvds from? You may run into issues of PAL vs NTSC. The US uses NTSC, but most of the rest of the world uses PAL standard for video.

It is possible to convert a PAL dvd to NTSC, but isn’t simple and you’d need to buy an meg2 converter. Here is one guide for the process:

Much simpler to buy a region-free player that can handle either PAL or NTSC dvds. As examples, look at the Pioneer DV393S or the Samsung DVD-HD845. The Samsung has HDMI output.

Agree with Kerry and you don’t have to pay a lot for region free, NTSC <—> PAL players.
You can pick up The Pioneer DV393S for $70-90 bucks US.

A friend of mine bought a CyberHome dvd player (says it works great) for $59 from one of these sites:

thanks for the info everyone. i am going to try one of the region free dvd players.