Total newb needs help burning :)

Hi everyone, My name is nicki and im new to this forum and the world of burning. I have a Memorex dual format recorder that uses the Nero Suite and have been having a lot of trouble burning. My main issue is that is seems that out of the six dvd’s I have tried to burn, none will copy because they are copyrighted. It says “cd is protected, can’t copy” every time. I don’t understand what the point of having a burner is if you can’t copy anything-is there a way to work around this? Thank you very much for your help!

Also, when I try to burn cds at 48x,i get a message saying “can only write at 16x because speed of source data is too slow” What does this mean and how do I speed things up? It took me almost an hour to burn a CD!

Hi & welcome, Nicki :slight_smile:

Nero doesn’t backup copy-protected discs. You’ll need special software for this, like CloneCD or Alcohol120%. About the speed problem, it is recommended to make a temporary image of the source disc on your hard drive before burning. On-the-fly copying between two drives installed on the same cable can lead to the problem you described.

clonecd alone won’t do this either you need anydvd or dvd43 or ripit4me to bypass the encryptions. plus it depends if you are going to burn to a single layer 4.7 gigs or a double layer dvd 8.5 which is 7.93 I think.??? So what do you have and we can help you from there. You stated Nero.

Hi Dr. Who,
Thanks for your response…I have a double layer burner that has the capactiy for 4.7 (sinle) or 8.5 (double) gigs and yes, Nero. I don’t even know the distincton between single and double layered dvds. Let me know what to do! Thanks, Nicki

Fairly new at this myself but my .02 anyway.

Dual Layer means your drive can burn to special disks that have dual layers to record on more space but they cost more.

I use dvd43 it’s loaded all the time copy protection basically is ignored from there I just copy to a file, shrink the movie down to fit on a cheaper standard disk (dvdshrink), and backup with Nero. Now my kids can’t scratch my dvd’s. I shrink to 4.0 gig the edge of the dvd can sometimes not be up to the quality needed. Thats it in a nutshell.

For copying CD protected combination of DVDShrink(freeware) + Nero is adaquate.

If I may add a litttle to the discussion. You can also use AnyDVD and CloneDVD, but they are not free. They are by Slysoft and they periodically run specials to save a couple of bucks. I bought mine before they started with the specials and I believe I paid $55-$60 for the pair. You can get a 21-day free trial. I used these proggys for 95% of my burns (movie only), and I am extremely pleased with the results. Good luck in your burning.

anyone mentioned ripit4me yet??

When you burn a cd are you burning from one drive to another? If you are that’s why it’s taking so long. A cd-rom drive can’t transfer info fast enough for a 48x burn. It’s always better to copy the files to the hard drive. It puts less strain on your drives and the it reduces the chances of errors. Here’s some guides for you. Hopefully they’ll help clear some things up.

RipIt4Me is a freeware utility that helps you backup your copy protected DVDs.