Total newb-how to convert mpeg-3 files to a dvd?


First I apologize for posting a new thread in what I’m sure must be a popular discussion somewhere. I searched for a long time through the forums and couldn’t find any discussion of this!

My issue–I have episodes of various TV shows in mpeg-3 format downloaded on my computer (where I usually watch them). however, I’d like to convert them and burn some to a DVD, so I’m not limited to just watching from my computer screen. I’ve searched extensively for how to do this (believe me, I’m a google pro), but haven’t found anything really conclusive. do I need a special program? is converting even possible with audio, too?

Thank you so much in advance!

Welcome to the forums wimplewurm.

First off, please be aware that we do not discuss copyright protected material that is downloaded without permission of the copyright holders. Most downloads available on the net are not legal, but a few are, so we try to give people the benefit of a doubt here.

Second, there is no such thing as mpeg3 video. There are mpeg1, mpeg2 and mp4 files for video, and there is even mp3 audio, but mpeg3 video does not exist.

The most common mpeg format available these days is mpeg2. Mpeg2 is the codec used in dvd-video. Mp4 files can use a variety of codecs within them.

There are a couple of good, free conversion programs that will probably work for you: DVDFlick and AVStoDVD.
DVDFlick may be slightly easier to use for beginners, but I personally prefer AVStoDVD since I like the HC encoder that is included.

I agree with Kerry on AVStoDVD.

When I use DVD Flick, occasionally I get audio/video synch problems.

Plus, AVStoDVD offers a little more variety with such things as Menu layouts, etc…

Nice try. :slight_smile:

You must have noticed that mpeg3 does not exist chosenfew…it was stillborn, and merged into mpeg2 seventeen years ago.

That’s why I put it up as a reference.
I file it in a cabinet with my Philips CD-I player…