Total Misery of Plextor


I bought brand new Plextor PX-W4012A retail pack early last year in Greece.He worked fine for 3-4 months then he start to act

strange(aborting write process,blinking codes,strange noise inside the device…)
I payed him about 135 euros(with barging).After contact with Plextor I returned device to Plextor Belgium(the cost of

shipment was on me because I’m not in EU community).So now the price of Plextor was 150 euros(Device was made in China).After

two weeks they returned me new device(now made in Japan),probably refurbished(tla#0001 sticker over old one which i can’t

read).He worked fine for 4-5 months then he start burning cd-roms only with 4x speed.
Now I can/can’t write 1 of 5 cd roms,and that’s not sure.Many code errors in PLEXTOOLS.Can’t erase RW CD.PIO mode is always

on,spinup/spin down problems,read-write with 4x.
Maybe I have VIA chipset motherboard(Gygabite 7zxe kt133a),maybe i changed curent ASPI to forcedASPI 1.7,maybe i succeed to

turn on fucking DMA(only my Plextor has that issue),maybe I used Verbatim media,maybe I upgrade it with the newest firmware

1.06,maybe I spent nights trying bring him in normal condition,but what’s worth.Are they follow new technology

rules:evrything gets old after 2 years or less.I payed for quality,peace and long use.What I got is complitly shit & piss

device which took me valuable time to make it worth.After RMA shipment I got second hand(refurbished)Plextor.My ears and tail

are growing and I become a donkey.
I wrote letter to Plextor with attitude of Horrible quality,unsetisfied customer and send those asses to HELL for good.So I

don’t want to see Plextor near me for life.I now that many people are satisfied with their product,but my expirience was

so,so terrible and eforts worthless.

same shit I think about Samsung products & Maxtor HDD

P.S. God help you,change the brand.

…two wrongs won’t make it right…


Thanks for that…whatever that was? :confused:

Will close this thread. If you’re unsatisfied with Plextor our forum is here to help you but mind your language.