Total Misery 2

My apologies about language but I’m frustrated.
Before I post my story I read almost entire Plextor Forum
and yet I can’t see the light on the end of tunnel.
Ok let repeat my self:
Motherboard BIOS:upgraded(FB)
Media Quality:checked
ASPI driver:checked(4.60)
Other Systems usage:checked
DMA problem:checked
Disabled PowerRec:checked
Master/slave combination:checked

Sometimes when I put original media Plextor open himself
to the extreme posibilities about “read transfer rate test”
but mostly spinup/spindown in average use.That problem
Win XP can tolerate about 8 times then he put device into
PIO mode.
BTW this is device from RMA adventure.
I’m suspicious about hope.Is there any?

Forward Thanks


Win XP+ServicePack 2
win 2000 server

Nero 6(
PlexTools v2.11

CPU:AMD Athlon™ XP 1700+

MBoard:Gigabiyte GA-7ZXE/VIA KT133A+686B AGPset/Socket A FSB

200/266 ATA100/AC’97 Audio
HDD:IBM DeskStar150 (40GB)
HDD:Hitachi 7K250 Deskstar(80GB)

NEC NR-9400A…Secondary(MASTER)
Plextor PX-W4012A…Secondary(SLAVE)

Memory:640MB SDRAM
1.Apacer SDRAM 128 MB
2.NCP Memory Module 256 MB
3.Hynix(Hyundai) SDRAM Memory Module 256 MB
Graphic Card:MSI StarForce8815 GeForce2 GTS/64DDR
Sound:Sound Blaster Creative"LIVE"5.1+digital out
Modem:Conexant V92 HSF Soft Smart speakerfon modem
Network Adapter:D-Link DFE-530TX PCI Fast EthernetAdapter

Floppy:Teac 1.44

Why do you disable PoweRec? This feature should remain enabled. I’m not sure if I understand you correctly but it seems you’re having a problem with your Plextor and DMA mode. Windows XP keeps setting the drive back to PIO mode 4 because your drive cannot read certain media. Am I correct? What you can do is read this thread for some good info on what’s going on. The discs you’re using, are they scratched or anything?

Thanks for the thread link about DMA it’s sure shoot.Media which I use some are scratched(litlle not extremly,honestly normal using) some are unscratched.
When I insert blank new CD-R,disc is wasted on the begining or on the half of writing
process.Point is he worked fine ,as I said before,4-5 months(burned 50-70 CDs)after RMA delivery.Then he start to wasting my blank CD-Rs,CDRWs for not understanding reason.I can not believe that laser in the Plextor is so sensitive.Now I can use Plextor only for reading CDs at 4x,which I avoiding.It doesn’t look like a mechanical problem,more like electronic to me.Maybe is dirt,maybe is just a bad series of devices.
If you need I can post you some picture about writing process in PlexTOOS.
Now DMA is always on but that didn’t change behavior of Plextor.
It sounds like a turing car,spins up then suddenly goes down with speed.When you look at the diagram some times is zig-zag line or flat 3.96x-4x.For the similar problem please read this thread:
" Plexwriter 40-12-40a spin up-down problems" on Plextor forum posted 15-06-2004

thanks for evrything.


Seems like your system is loaded. As a rough guess I’d say you need AT LEAST a quality 350W power supply. Probably more like 420W if it’s a cheaper unit. I would also make sure to have the latest via chipset driver (4in1). I would also run a comprehensive memory test. Your motherboard will run at the timings of your slowest RAM module, but if one of the modules is bad…

I have 300W + something power supply it’s not a brand but it works fine(maybe problem)
I have hyperion VIA newest chipset drivers.
I checked memory with memtest,everything is allright.
I think if one modul is bad than Windows will crash frequently,thats’ not hapening.
Today I try to burn IMATION CD-R 52x(CMC Magnetics Co. type 6/according to PlexTools).He accepted with 4x.After succes he had problems to verify writen data
with explanation that some files couldn’t reach.Burning was made in NERO 6 after
unseccesfuly try in PlexTools.He refused to burn TDK CD-R80 METALLIC(Mitsui type 8) at 24x.Also refused Taiyo Juden type 1 at 40x(only in dreams).
Own burned IMATION cd Plextor can’t read.
NEC NR-9400A and TOSHIBA XM-6502B can read the content on CD but not to play.
Well I’m out of Jokers.

markvonstriver ,Big thanks

I will accept any ideas with both hands.


Do you have a friend you can trade power supplies with temporarily to see if symptoms change? Also maybe install Plextor as secondary master with NEC disconnected. - There could be a conflict between the two on the secondary ide channel. As a long shot you could also try a different secondary cable. Sometimes 80 pin cables help. Too bad you are in Greece - I have a ECS K7S5A pro motherboard you could have. But would probably cost more to ship than it’s worth. Unfortunately your RMA adventure might have returned a bad drive?

I forgot to mention that burning action from my last post I did it exactly as you proposed.Plextor was alone on Secondary IDE(but without 80 pin cable).
I’ll try 80 pin and other power supply.Part of me accept the way things are,but other part is still surprised about quality.I was only work for 2 months in Greece where i pick Plextor.I’m actually from Serbia and Montenegro(ex Yugoslavia),it doesen’t matter because the distance between you and me is the same as in Greece.
Thanks for offer me SiS chipset ESC K7S5A it is very kind of you,but as you say about shipment…

Thanks one more time markvonstriver and G@M3FR3@K for support