Total Fustration

Hi all…I’m as “Old as Dirt” but new like fresh fallen snow on this stuff.

I want to make dvd’s from Dish Network Programming specials, sports,movies and so on…I would like to convert old VHS movies to DVD’s (not many)
I first bough LitOn new recorder 1107 but needed optical out and s viedo out,
took it back got Sony 515, plays great…but wont record and movies off of
DishNetwork,flashes message about copy-write material and renders that disc
What do I need to buy to do my request’s??? Must stay round $300.00 and want table-top not PC
Thank you Mon… respect

Hi, sadly no standalone DVD recorder will allow you to record copyrighted VHS. This is due to the Macrovision protection on these tapes, the recorder detects the Macrovision embedded in the video signal, and prevents recording.

I have seen this problem overcome.
The protection used puts a second false sync pulse on the tape. The tv can usually handle it ok however other recorders cannot, this causes them to play the sound but not the picture on a copied vhs tape. The picture cannot sync or jitters greatly making it imposible to watch.
There is on the market however video cleaners that clean up the signal and remove the second false sync pulse. They are a stand alone box that goes between the player and recorder using the scart plugs.
Hey presto clean video signal for recording.

weedougie speaks the truth…but that black box is illeagle in the US…you can find it on ebay…lol

How about making DVD’s off of Dish Network Programming???..I havent tried doing VHS to DVD yet

off of dish…you are fine…to a dvr /vcr or piped to a capture card…same for vhs recorded from tv, commercial vhs tapes are the one that may give you a headache…:slight_smile:

When I try to record a movie off of Dish Network I get a notice that this is copywrite material and wont copy it, in fact it renders the blank usless…2 different DVD recorders did same thing???

odd…my dad does this all the time with his dvr no problems.

I just buy the DVD! Too much work for all of that! LOL

Really??? He can record a DVD from “Dish Network”, and could you advise his equip?..My grandkids and son have no way to get Cab or Sat. so I wanted to make dvd’s of the shows and movies…not even to copy DVD’s …but when I try I get the notice … diff forums talk about some sig sent out along with the movie, not justpay-per-view but any premium movie channel…I was able to DVD Bonanza…or older sitcoms…but that isint worth350-400 $…If your Dad can please let me know …thanks…Wait Im sorry did you post "dad does…with dvr?..Yes I have a Dish Network DVR and I can record to that,but I have no way to make a DVD with that dvr…it has no way to “out download”, so I tried a DVD Recorder down line…This all started when that unit was replaced and I lost a lot of shows,(5th unit in 7 years)

I totally agree…Mars Pluto yes…Record a TV show…HEAVENS NO…
only in America///???

he records all the time, older panasonic dvr 80 gig hdd, dvd-ram/-r, his discs play fine in my samsung…he gets the copywrite error when trying out dvd to box,but never off the dish…