Total facelift of computer; advice please

greetings ppl…
I found this forum awhile back & got some very good advice on why can’t(shouldn’t)burn straight from dvd to dvd…
My constraint was hard-drive space…Soooooooo decided to give it a facelift…I only have 30 gig if harddrive space & all but 7 or 8 is used up…
current system is:Dell Dimension 8200
Pentium 4 CPU 2.oo GHZ
1.99 GHZ,512 MB RAM
Herein lies the dilemna…Is a 250 GB Harddrive overkill???
Is there any compatability probs. I need to watch for???
Can you folks reccomend one???
Secondly,can you reccomend a good DVD Burner???
Is there any other programs I need to back-up copies of my movies???
And lastly is 512 MB RAM adaquate or is this lacking too???
Guys/Gals,I sure do appreciate the help…This is all Greek to me!!!
Thanx in advance

Now a days a 250 GB hard drive is not overkill at all. Seagate hard drives seem to be a good choice for many. 512 mb of memory should also be suffice for your burning needs. For burners check out the BenQ 1650/1655, Lite On 6S series and the LG H10/H10N these are all very good drives. Personal preference will guide you from there. Hope this helps.:slight_smile:

Do it is not an overkill for the difference in price I would always go for the 250 over a smaller drive. I like Western Digital as I have always had good service by them. I would stay away from Maxtor, these are the one drives that I have seen failures on and even had computer repairmen tell me they fail more than others. Make sure you get a EIDE drive not a sata ata since your computer will only take Ide drives. I would assume that your IDE cable on the 8200 is a 80 wire not 40 wire cable. The 80 wire has the same 40 pin connector it just has an extra 40 wires in it that are connected to ground . This Improves the signal on the 40 wires that are use for the motherboard signals to the hardrive and or cd/dvd drive. When you open up the computer on most newer computers you will see the IDE cable to the hardrive looks like it has smaller wires and twice as many as the one to the cd/dvd drive, that is becuase most computers now have the 80 wires on the hardrive and only the 40 wire on cd drives. You could contact dell to find out for sure, but I welling to bet yours came with the 80 wire on your hardrive which is fine. If you see that the cd/dvd cable has the 40 wire I would replace it while you replace the hardrive and dvd drive. Make sure it says the harddrive is a EIDE not a serial ATA drive since your computer uses IDE. Below is a link for pricegrabber that will compare prices.

I like the pioneer 111 dvd drive. The poineer drive needs the 80 wire cable to work correctly. I purchased mine at shop4tech it was free shipping and here is codes for 10% off BLU10 or CD10,

As for as software I like clonedvd2 and anydvd from slysoft and you can get a coupon here on this site for 10% off.

This site will give you places to get the 80 wire cable they are less than 2 dollars I for one have replace all my 40 wire with the 80 in all my computers.

This site show difference in cables.

Thanx for the quick replies ppl…
lemmee see if I’m on the right track…
Go with a 250 GB Hard drive from either Western Digital or Seagate…
Make sure I have or replace w/ 80 wire cables…
Check out BEN Q 1650/1655,LiteOn 6s series,LG H 10/H 10N burners…
Look into clonedvd2 & anydvd software…
So far am I in the ball park???Ya gotta remember,when you guys were taking computer classes us old cronies were mastering the abacus…LOL
One more thing,will my CD-ROM drive still be good for burning CD to CD in the audio format???
Thanx a lot guys,truly appreciate your patience !!!

Some of us are old cronies also I even built a abacus once and remember learning how to use a sliderule before calculators. Yes your drive you have will still work but so will the new drive burn both cd and dvds.

thanx for the help sam…

Yes it will! But for best results you should always rip it to your HD and then burn it, You can have problems when trying to burn from CD to CD.

Ya gotta remember, when you guys were using abacus and sliderule’s you didn’t have to pay M$ to run Windows on it and they did crash. :slight_smile:

Yes it was back before bill gates got into my pocket and took all my money.

Try a tandy apple old 5.5 disk dos was the game.

if his master is the 250 or slave didn’t say. could effect speed and coaster burns.

I only have 30 gig if harddrive space & all but 7 or 8 is used up

Bill Gates Quote, Circa 1981: “640K ought to be enough for anybody” :bigsmile:

thks If he gets a 250, being a dell are his recovery disk in hand or in Org hd that came with unit. Depending on Os (guess 8100 came with xp-home transfer wizard. ??? set as a slave copy old movie files to new HD open c back up and save all new files to slave. if on the wrong page here oppps told ya i was old…

The LITE-ON 6S Series may be confusing for you, in specific, the LITE-ON SHM-165H6S drive would be part of the “6S” Series.

And yes, as the others have said, copying to HDD is much wiser than copying on the fly.

I too will vouch for Slysoft products being awesome and well priced, plus a big bonus w/ their products is lifetime free updates! (updates are very much needed when it comes to video media) Also, w/ slysoft, if you buy their software in bundles (as in, more than just 1 of their programs, you get discounts) plus, there’s the 10% discount mentioned in this article as well.

I say to compare prices and hard disk drive sizes. You may find a 300+gb drive only very few dollars more than a 250gb drive… so just look around. I recommend Seagate drives, and Western Digital being 2nd place. Personally I have had only one drive fail me in the past, and it was a Maxtor. Hitachi hard disks are also great, but not as common to find and can be a bit pricier.

I recommend for your pc needs, or, and <<<-- stay away from a lot of their generic stuff

well ppl…
due to your gracious patience(I truly am computer illiterate,been a miner for 25+ years so don’t use puters a lot in my line of work…LOL)& some studying,I think I’m ready to make the plunge!!!
For a harddrive plan on going w/ a WD Caviar SE.WD3200JB 320GB Ultra ATA/100 7200 RPM HD w/8 MB Buffer
& for the burner a LiteOn SHM-165H6S Drive…
Also plan on making sure I have 80 wire cables…
Also ordered Clone DVD2/anydvd from slysoft(for some reason it sent me “keys” but can’t figure out how to use them,will work on that…LOL)
Anyways found the best price getting the burner & HD from ZipZoomFly…
Does this sound like I’m making an adequate choice???
Once again guys,thanx ever so much…

Should work, strangebrew. Make sure to set the jumper on your new hard disk to slave (SL). Then connect it to the same 80-wire ribbon cable as your current (boot-)disk (which should have the jumper set to master (MA)), on the middle connector. If the Dell came with a single connector ribbon cable, you’ll have to replace it with a new one that has two.

After the hardware installation and booting your PC, you’ll have to go into Administrative Tools / Disk Management to partition & format the new drive before you can use it.


You are aware that the Western Digital HD comes with either a one or three year warranty and all Seagates come with a five year warranty-

You may also want to look at for your burner and harddrive - most of the time Newegg will beat ZipZoomFly in pricing - and they have an almost perfect score-eh!

(btw - it would probably surprise you just how many OF’s there are here in CDF)