Toshiba's NAND memory division sold sold to consortium containing Apple, Dell and SK Hynix

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Toshiba has finally sold its NAND flash memory division. The buyer is a consortium of companies led by Bain Capital. In the consortium are large tech companies like Apple, Dell and SK Hynix. The consortium will pay about $18 billion.

Bad day for consumers? Will the prices stay high and get higher?

This is not a done deal. Not even close, no papers have been signed.WD/Sandisk has like three suits filed against them so I wouldn’t consider this deal absolutely final just yet.

Hope it never happens. SK Hynix proclaimed some years ago they were No.2 in flash-memory (dunno if it´s true, thought it was/is Toshiba). If they get together and make a secret agreement with Samsung it would be awful for customers