Toshiba won't play burned discs

I have an interesting problem. When trying to backup a disc (that I legally own) with a sony dvd+/-r/rw drive, I normally use dvd shrink. This compresses the disc, and burns it, and all is well. At least when I am playing the disc on my playstation 2. I have a toshiba stand alone dvd player in the bedroom, and every disc that I make with the burner cannot be read by the stand alone player. I have also tried other players, and the discs won’t play in those either. I have just recently tried to make a disc using ImgTool classic and dvd-decrypter to burn it, and that one cannot be read either. I am using sony dvd+r media. Every disc will play in the playstation 2, though. This is the most confusin part. Can anyone help? Thanks.

so your backup copies wont play in any standalone dvd player ? will these copies play in other dvd-rom drives in a PC. will they play on your PC ? it COULD be the media, but if the copies wont play in any standalone i would regard that as unusual as not ALL dvd standalone players will reject sony media. try another brand and see ?

oh, are these backups dvd movies or games ?

Could look-up your dvd player on to see if other users have had similar problems and whether your dvd player supports +/- media.

i think this is fairly simple, the new PS2’s (after v9 i think) will play allmost any brand of +R media, however most standalone players cant play +R media, so i suggest he has a go with -R media, good quality like TDK or Verbitim.

hope this helps,
ben :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. These discs will play in my computer, and they are movies, not games. I think after I am done posting here, I will go to and look up the player, and then maybe to wal-mart or something and get some -r media. I will post back if I find a solution.