Toshiba vs sony laptops



In general, which computers are better, Toshibas or Sony?


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I think Toshibas are better or more reliable. But personally I will buy what ever best suits my needs or the best price/performance that I want.


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Can’t speak for Sony, but my step-father owns a Toshiba Satellite, it’s a couple of years old now, that gets heavy use (he’s a DJ). Not a single problem so far, a pleasant surprise given the abuse it gets :wink:


From those brands I’d recommend Toshibas as the Satelite series is very reliable, but if you have the opportunity go for ASUS :slight_smile:


I do not think we can unequivocally say that Toshibas are better than Sonys.

Both have advantageous and disadvantageous compared to each other.

What seems to be a sound argument: Toshiba has unique experience in the field of portable computers.


I recently googled laptop performance and reliability…can´t remember what the source was now (try it yourself), but what I noted was that Toshiba and ASUS topped the list, Sony was in the middle barely ahead of Dell, and Acer was at or near the bottom.

I think the consensus is that you can´t go far wrong with a Toshiba…but check carefully that it has the features you want and need.


Here you go.

The results of a 3 year and 30,000 machine survey
Read this and this reliability & service report card

…and the graphic speaks for itself: