Toshiba very likely to delay the launch of HD DVD to 2006



I just posted the article Toshiba very likely to delay the launch of HD DVD to 2006.

  Toshiba's  HD DVD format is at a disadvantage, now that they have decided they will  unlikely launch the format by the holiday season.                          Originally, Toshiba's  early...
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Go blu-ray! I want more space!


Haha, Xbox360 might come with Blu-Ray afterall. Will consider that.


I just want a burner to back up gigs and gigs of data in one easy step.


Well looks like toshiba has offically lost before they ever took off the tracks, all of there strengths no longer exist and they have no advantage what so ever exept the word DVD in there name. :S


I hope they never get off the ground. I’m not holding my breath for Blu-ray either.


with all those drm restrictions, i would not want to get bd nor hd dvd until dvd is dead. who cares if bd can offer 20gB, i would rather get a bigger hdd for that.


Set back for HD DVD yes but it could still win in the end. See the problem with Original CDs, after a while the label starts dropping off and you lose the disc. Blur-Ray is the flip side of that. That zero point nothing protective layer at the bottom will in time go and you lose the disc. HD DVD has its info layer nicely protected in the middle making it more durable to renting, lending and using.