Toshiba upconverting HDTV's announced

I just posted the article Toshiba upconverting HDTV’s announced.

Toshiba is now bringing its super upconversion to LCD HDTV’s. Three new models featuring this technology are slated to launch in Japan this October. The new super resolution TV’s will contain…

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I think upconversion will only look good up to a point. Any HD source has more data and detail. Computers can try and extrapolite what the data should be from a lower resolution source, but i’ll never be as good.
Toshiba must of thought this or they’d never of brought out HD DVD.

If this is anything like the XD-E500 player, keep your expectations low.

I bet it’s exactly like the XD-E500. Same tech, just embedded directly in the TV instead of a standalone player.

See for yourself

Regular Upconversion :
Super Upconversion :

^ Yes, but we think here, that these recent products are not the “superupconversion” hyped a few months ago- that would compete with HD players. The feature of the real Toshiba product that everyone was curious about, had a cell processor. So far- the XD-E500 player has been introduced and is a big ho-hum as it does not use the Cell proc. These TV’s are probably even a step down from the dissapoining player, or at best, the same tech which was not impressive in the least. So, I think the links you post are not representitive of what a consumer can expect. Unless, these came from the above mentioned TV’s. All this new TV is going to do is further confuse the public in a never ending barrage of unsubstantiated hype.

Since we’re on the topic of upconversion, can any of you techno-cats recommend a really good upconverter? LG? Toshiba? Samsung? If you mention a Sony model number, God will strike you down.

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