Toshiba unveils 320GB 2.5-inch HDD (Press Release)

I just posted the article Toshiba unveils 320GB 2.5-inch HDD (Press Release).

Toshiba Corporation announced the launch of nine new 2.5-inch hard disk drives (HDD) that employ the company’s latest advances in HDD technology. The new drives include the MK3252GSX, which achieves…

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Only SATA, no IDE, bummer!

Mhmm, exactly. I want laptops with IDE hdd interfaces, and more IDE hdd’s. Also, want more IDE on motherboards, large drives in IDE from other than Samsung (400Gb max) and Seagate (750Gb)

IDE (PATA) is dead. SATA and SATA-2/eSATA is where the industry is moving.

IDE SUCKS :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, people with a 18 months old laptop might be interested in upgrading their HDD

Screw notebooks. I want a computer installed in my skull and linked to my brain via an fiber optic link. That’s where the future lies, my friends. :slight_smile:

18 month old laptop? I’ve still got a 4.5 YO Toshiba celery 1600 that I keep upgrading. It’s got a Seagate 120 now, waiting for 160 to get cheaper (was there a 200 IDE?). It’s already maxed at 512MB RAM, now it looks like a dead end for HDD too. Still makes a great torrent seeding machine except for HDD limits.

I have an “old” laptop that i would like to upgrade with a mega hard drive. Does ANY company make a PATA 2.5 hard drive? I need more than 160GBs. I would like to upgrade my hard drive with one of the new 320gb hard drives but mine is a PATA. Please Help.

Largest PATA 2.5 drive is Western Digital Scorpio WD2500BEVE 250GB

What is the cost ?