Toshiba tv convergence issue



I have a 1999 Toshiba 40 in. widescreen TV model no. TW40X81. Has been a great TV for years. Just recently after 5 min. of use the convergence will suddenly slide the yellow and blue to one side. Going into the menu to readjust convergence is frustrating because the blue will not move back in line, it is fully to the left. Banging on the top of the set will alter the degree of misalignment and sometimes allow me to adjust the set, but the crosshairs for blue/yellow are still misaligned. I’m a better than average mechanic and a fair electrician, it acts as if the motors?? that move the lens slip as they are commanded to align. The blue line will just get to the center then quickly go past and be misaligned to the right? Is there a motor? gear? servo? that I can access and replace? Thanks in advance, Bill.


Hi Bill: :slight_smile: welcome to CD Freaks but unfortunately we’re not a TV electronics repair specialist site.

I’ll transfer your post to the DVD & Home Entertainment section, but it sounds like a long shot that we’ll be able to help with your query. With my limited knowledge it sounds more like loss of electronic control of CRT beam, rather than something like a motor as such.

Edit: Done.