Toshiba ts-l532m - SDR6572m



Hi all, I have a HP DV8000 Laptop which has the horrible ts-l532m cd drive i bought this unit 2nd hand and had trouble with drive from day 1. CRC errors mainly with bigger dvd burns, and trying to install larger games. Anyway tried diffrent software and media to no evail, so having a home network, desktop and two laptops decided to network the desktop drive, works well but rather slow… anyway getting to the point i cant remember exactly the original firmware for the drive (HR-05) maybe, i reflashed with tr05 this was the information in properties. it turned into SDR6572M everything seemed to be working ok but ive had to restore laptop for other reasons and now the drive has disappeared to windows. putting a dvd in it you can hear the drive start up and read disc but nothing happens also the drive is visible in device manager. Starting any reflash exe.s or disc info just says drive not found… also have done the upper lower filter thing… :confused: any ideas greatfully accepted. Have looked around this great site as much as i can for this prob with little time i have have found simmilar things but im not sure if they apply to me as my laptop still boots cheers…