Toshiba TS-L532L HELP ME GUYS!

I really have no idea where to turn with this one now. So any help would be greatly appriciated!

Before I start Im just going to say that I have well over 150 sucessful DVD-rs burnt before this problem began.

Well I was using DVD-R at 8x quite happily until my catalogue changed the disks I usually buy from 8x to 16x without me knowing. So I brought a Shed-load of 16x that I have no use for. I started playing around with the driver for my Writer (stupid I know, but I had it confused with a different model that could be upgraded that way!). Now when ever I burn an 8x disk at any speed it will be corrupt. I can burn 4x disks at 8x or 4x and they will work every time. I have no problems reading disks. Just writing on 8x-/+Rs doesnt work!

Any Ideas?

Just adding that since then I have re-installed Windows and now know for sure that Im running the original drivers supplied with my system

Spare your time and invest in BETTER media.

Are we talking Disks or Drive? The drive came with the computer…

Well I used Maxell 8x -R for my 100+ successful ones 5 months ago (but I cant get hold of them anymore). Now Im using DataSafe 8x +R AND Tevion 8x +R which will not have working results.
But my Tevion 4x +RW and TDK 4x -RW both work every time.

If your telling me to get another drive that won’t be a problem. I just want to spend a few weeks trying to get this one to work (its still in warrenty)

Let’s hope, these are not Ritek G05.

Now Im using DataSafe 8x +R AND Tevion 8x +R which will not have working results.
as chef already said: get better media. You should still be able to get 8x Verbatim (not Pearl White!), TDK or Imation. But these are getting rare, so you should really consider getting a new drive on the long run, as modern media is not supported by your drive’s firmware. Btw: Have you tried to install newer firmware for your drive? Check for that.