Toshiba to start shipping desktop S-ATA HD-DVD burners in February



I just posted the article Toshiba to start shipping desktop S-ATA HD-DVD burners in February.

Toshiba send us the news that the company is going to launch world’s first half height desktop HD-DVD burner. The company already released a slim line device in 2006 and this new S-ATA desktop burner…

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1x write for HD-DVD SL and DL, 1x read for HD-DVD SL and DL. :r Wake me up when it gets to at least 4x yawn


There’s nothing you can do with it anyway except data storage and burn your home videos. Per GB of storage capacity, it’ll be the least cost-effective choice.


Toshiba should have been quicker on their feet with 2x burners under $500. That could have been a leap forward compared to Blu-Ray. Hopefully, this unit is priced around $500 or less. They’d be foolish to try to sell them in the same price range as the Blu-Ray Burners, considering the Blu-Rays store nearly twice as much data twice as fast and can be had for under $700.


BD drives: IDE 40 pin The HD-DVD drive: SATA 1 point goes to HD-DVD.