Toshiba to ship glasses-free 3D TV to U.S. in early 2012 (exclusive)



Toshiba has confirmed to CNET that it plans to make a glasses-free 3D TV available to buyers in the U.S. sometime during the first quarter of 2012.

The set would be the first of its kind for the North American market, although Toshiba already has 55-inch glasses-free 3D TVs available for sale in Germany (the 55LZ2) and Japan (the 55X3). Both went on sale in December and retail for more than $10,000 in their home currencies.




While I like that. I think they are a little late. HSN, is already
selling a 2d to 3d conversion box, the size of a roku streamer.
This box works on any HDTV LCD or LED, and while you
still have to use the glasses. This box has several hdm1 connections
for your t.v.,blueray player etc…Also they are selling them for
about $ 100.00 dollars. So you can watch any content t.v. shows,
commercials ,movies in 3d. I think they are more affordable.