Toshiba to separate its NAND manufacturing business

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The Japanese electronics giant Toshiba is going to sell a part of its chip division. Reuters reports the company is looking for an outside investor for the company’s memory chip business that is valued at around 1 and 1.5 billion yen ($9-13 billion).

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1.5 billion yen is $13,029,210 not 13 billion.

[QUOTE=skypx;2787663]1.5 billion yen is $13,029,210 not 13 billion.[/QUOTE]
From the linked article:

Toshiba estimates the value of its memory chip business at 1-1.5 [B]trillion[/B] yen ($9-13 billion), a person with direct knowledge of the matter has told Reuters.
The Yen amount, not the Dollar amount, should be corrected.

Corrected; thanks!

I do hope that TOSHIBA doesn’t sell their HDD division to Western Digital or Seagate. That would mean there are only 2 names in HDD manufacturing, which means WD and Seagate will have every motive to merge. In this political climate, it’s highly unlikely that any government body will attempt to to the right thing and break this maga-HDD manufacturer up. I certainly don’t expect the US to do any such thing, given the awful events that lead to a completely terrifying president being elected.