Toshiba to launch 8GB Class 4 SD cards in January

I just posted the article Toshiba to launch 8GB Class 4 SD cards in January.

Toshiba has anounced today its new series of Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) flash memory cards, including an 8GB Class 4 card, which it claims to be one of the first in the industry, according…

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Please someone should check these data transfer rate because for me this news is quite wrong. We are mixing Gbit/sec with Mbyte/sec. Digitimes claims these new cards to be able to reach at last 4GBit/sec that are equivalent to 50 MByte/sec or 333x for a SD card… Probably these new SD cards were developed keeping in mind the Hi Def camcorders that need a high transfer rate to be able to store Hi Def movies in a flash card instead of an optical disc.

A new standard means more money flying out the window…

The minimum transfer rate for Class 4 mentioned in the above has been based on this earlier report from Toshiba, where they give the different requirements for the different classes. The SDHC card classes are as follows: Class 2 : 2 MB/s Class 4 : 4 MB/s Class 6 : 6 MB/s Where 1 MB = 1,000,000 bytes according to this source. This more recent press release of the 8G SDHC card from Toshiba mentions that the these cards will feature a 4MB minimum transfer rate, although in my opinion still seems rather low for such a high capacity card.