Toshiba THNSNF512GCSS 512GB SSD review

I just posted the article Toshiba THNSNF512GCSS 512GB SSD review.

The Toshiba THNSNF512GCSS range of SSDs is the first in world to use 19nm toggle MLC NAND.
We already know that toggle NAND is fast, but will this speed still be available with a NAND node shrink?
Let’s find out how this new SSD performs in this review.

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No word on pricing yet DEE? Excellent review, When you did the charts, why didnt you include the Samsung 840 Pro in these comparisons? I know you must have your reasons. But comparisons to the Neutron and the Vertex 4 are good enough for me, now its down to pricing and warrantee. I should think that with all the proprietary stuff in this SSD Toshiba should be able to mass produce these at a very competitive price. From what I have seen is the only forum to have access to these drives for review, maybe the others haven’t got them yet. I am extremely surprised at the controller, I was expecting something completely different. But this makes all the sense in the world now.

Testing on the 840 Pro is not complete yet. :slight_smile:
Pricing (all I have) is listed at the bottom of the final page in the article.

I’m not sure if we are the only site to have these drives yet, but we’re certainly the first to publish a review on them, at least in English.

Haha, English is the only language I can read, very expensive for a 512gb, when you compare to the Vector 512 at 40 dollars less. But my bet is that all the prices will come down after the new year. JMHO. Again congrats on another excellent Myce review.

Good review, but it seems like it’s6 months late tothe party.

With all the new generation ssds being released, the Samsung 830s have dropped in price and are a feasible alternative, with their long life toggle nand.

imho, the reviewed Toshiba drive seems disappointing :frowning:

The performance makes me wonder where it would rate if they had added some cache ram to the drive.

In case anyone is interested, here are the enhanced images of the SSD controller and NAND in the review sample.

Hi Dee,

Perhaps it just needs to be ‘infused’ :wink:

Regds, JR

I need one more post to see the image.

I think forum members need 2 posts to see images on

[QUOTE=JReynolds;2668659]Perhaps it just needs to be ‘infused’ ;)[/QUOTE]Absolutely. :smiley:
And some cache.

[QUOTE=Dee;2668235]I’m not sure if we are the only site to have these drives yet, but we’re certainly the first to publish a review on them, at least in English.[/QUOTE]

And this is happening more and more frequently now which is great.