Toshiba still updates your HD DVD players

I just posted the article Toshiba still updates your HD DVD players.

After losing the format war earlier this year Toshiba launches HD DVD’s second firmware update after its demise. According to Electronic House HD DVD users are still very positive about Toshiba’s HD…

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High-def and cheap? Who can beat that combination? Go Toshiba!

Then how about DivX/Xvid support or at least making the firmware open source when you decide to EOL the machines.

Making the firmware open source sounds great for HD DVD owners, but Toshiba won’t do it. They still need to protect their intellectual property and software, such as the DVD upscaling, etc. At least they are still offering firmware updates for now.

So is this firmware update for all HD-DVD players, or just the ones made by Toshiba? Also, does this update the 360 HD DVD Player?

@michael knight: Hidef and cheap combination? Which one? HD DVD? Do you know their 1080p product is not cheap? and especially XA2 is $900 when its out? The cheap is A2/A3 which is 720p players, and good old HD DVD movies cheap on ebay. Can you watch Iron Man or upcoming hidef movies?

@blair: No he cannot watch iron Man on his HD-DVD player, but according to a large number of Bluray supporters, it does not play on many BluRay machines either. Aparently, BluRay’s spec was not finished on the earlier machines, which you cannot update, so a lot of upset customers. You can rip Iron Man to pc if you have BluRay rom, transcode to 720P and burn on standard blank DVD to play in a HD-DVD player.