Toshiba still updates your HD DVD players



After losing the format war earlier this year Toshiba launches HD DVD’s second firmware update after its demise. According to Electronic House HD DVD users are still very positive about Toshiba’s HD format.

Besides being “very vocal about it” customers still buy HD DVD movies, says Electronic House. In an article on the 30th of September the website describes how sales slightly increased because of the current economic situation. HD DVD hardware, which upscale DVD, becomes more popular and many HD movies are sold under the $10 mark, explains editor Rachel Cericola.

Those that own an HD DVD player don’t have to worry since Toshiba still seems to be committed to offer these customers the best possible experience. The new firmware update 4.0 should improve certain disc playback related issues as identified by Tosh.

It seems it isn’t too hard to find HD DVD players, so if you know where to get a few cheap ones please reply to this article.