Toshiba source confirms scrapping of HD DVD plan



The only way to “win” this game was not to play. I won! AGREE 100%.


punan, I am talking about expensive for the consumer ! $150 vs $300-400 for a player. And cheaper movies (according to people who owned both). And the $300-400 one can’t be upgraded.


Congratulations to the anti-Sony squad who fought bravely against the impossible. Time for “as I told you so”, the PS3 would win this, so called format war. And it did. It was so obvious, I fail to understand why people didn’t saw it coming. And what’s the next Betamax, again? :d
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So most are happy with a US monopoly? We’ll still get HDDVD from other sources. So what if most game sources would only supply XBOX? It’s better to have equal choices - not forced choices.


@ ivid well i bought a ps3 for 300 quid and i can get latest blu ray films for a tenner plus games for 20 quid,you might not believe me tho,anyway stuff high def i wanna fill a dual layer bd with tv shows/movies in standard dvd format, blu ray is all about storage for me,i wonder what 15 dvd rips on single layered bd will look like upscalled on my hd tv??ive a collection of zed/trinity/walrus multy dvds with 3 films on each disc all with dolby 5.1 excelant quality i may add and thats on single layer dvd-r ,now multiply that by 5 to fit on a bd :B


It’s too bad for folks who fell for (got a good deal on) the recent lower priced HD-DVD players. I would feel betrayal from BB, CC, etc if I had just bought one (but I didn’t). Why sell something if you know you’re going to drop all support the following week? That’s BS. That’s like selling a video game console and not producing games. As for the Blu-ray fanboys and the “I told you so” crowd, keep it to yourselves. I mean, what contributions did you make? Did you write the specifications or sign any deals with the studios for rights? No. Fanboy. As for me, I have a combo drive. I don’t care who won. It was inevitable that one format would eventually prevail. 'Bout time.


Hey, where is that $99 Blue-Ray player? Don’t hold your breath or your face will turn BLUE! JohnnyJT :X South Philly


@ johnnyjt $99 hd dvd players are worthless now :B now that was a total waste


How does a trade in promise for every HD DVD owner out there for a $99 Tos. BD player sounds? :d :+


BTW punan, according to your links, no its not going to cost more to make HD DVD DL vs. BR SL in most cases. The only cases where it was more $$ was in low quantity production (ie not movies) and it was 5.5% more expensive for 20% more storage capacity.
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It’s hilarious reading these predictions that the end of the format war will result in HIGHER prices of Blu-Ray players. If anybody can give an example of tech products that had their prices rise over time, I’d love to hear it. More manufacturers, such as Toshiba, will begin producing Blu-Ray players, resulting in more competition for Sony, not less. The prices of these players will drop quickly once consumers start snapping them up.


The end of the format war may not signal higher prices on BR players, but it will not cause lower prices either. Sony controls BR rights and licensing so any company that wants to make BR players has to pay royalties to Sony, so Sony can (and probably will) keep the prices as high as possible now that there is no competion. If you were a company and had no incentive to lower your prices, would you? I did not buy in to either format, because I remeber the VHS/BETA war all to well, and did not want to take part in another format war. I also will probably not buy in to BR anytime soon, because as far as I’m concerned DVD is working just fine for me. I am too put out with Sony for what I see as quality control issues on their part to buy anything with their name on it. I am not a Sony basher. I own a ton of Sony products. But I will not and have not bought any Hardware from them in many years.


I am curious to see if one format will result in more sales, do these general public HD fence sitters exist or are these people a myth created by the press. Are people going to really start buying Blu-ray OR are people just going to wait until their old DVD player craps out and replace it with something new?


fol34, perhaps. Probably not, prices are still way to high for the general consumer, the players and the media. Compared to DVDs If the format war is over, I do hope that this will generat better quality players. But only time will tell.


I sat on the fence as well due to the fact I remember the VHS vs. Beta max and didn’t want to go through that again. Now that there is a clear winner I am now going to get a HD LCD TV and a Blu-Ray player soon. So no people will start buying but not in the masses as one would think since there is a winner.


I choose… Piracy! I win! :wink:


Yeah … i didnt choose piracy !!! They didnt left me any choice … piracy is a problem but its caused by them … why dont they sued themselves !!! Blue-Ray vs HD-DVD ??? BS by sony vs Consumer friendly format. Toshiba lost ? Nah … WE ALL LOST !!! And we will pay for that !!!


Its certainly good that most rentals will now stock 1 format. Although I dont suppose it is good time to get off the “fence”. Blu specs are far from being finalized, in exc. of PS3. There is still some chance VMD will get a boost since there is a niche created. (VMD does not have all the crazy DRMs and players are cheap, and so are the movies). BTW having a “chosen” format does not guarantee its popularity. A good example is HD audio formats VS conventional CD. Ppl decided they dont need it. end of story. Now with Blu or VMD I really want to see a player that supports playback of individual .264 files. a $100 for the appliance sounds like my price :d


From the horses mouth


Well, I was always a so called BD Fanboy since for me BD is better technlogy but I didn’t expect this war over so fast. IMHO the real loosers are the costumers.