Toshiba source confirms scrapping of HD DVD plan



I just posted the article Toshiba source confirms scrapping of HD DVD plan.

A Toshiba company source, who does not want to be identified, has confirmed an earlier report that it is ready to pull the plug on HD DVD, which would include the scraping of…

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Regardless of which is the better format, you’re product is not going to win, if the movie companies aren’t putting the titles out on your format. If they wanted to win they should of given the world to warners. Now they got stuck with only having access to 25 percent of movie catalogs, and thats not good. I’m happy to see one format emerge though, hopefully it will help to mainstream HD movies, put more movies and tv shows in HD etc… instead of having the limited shelf space for duplicate movies and what not.


Well Im obviously disappointed if this news is indeed true… Im not going to buy any Blu-Ray player till prices drop under $99 and up-converting of DVD media is up to par… And that all also depends on what the prices are for Blu-Ray media, because I wont be buying $30+ titles either…


yeah, i’m also not going to buy a BR player anytime soon, not as long as they are region locked.


I was hoping to get one of the new Toshiba HD-DVD burners so I could finally convert my Betamax tapes with my OS/2 system. :wink:


lol RTV71…hey hd dvd fanboys…wait till blu ray is cracked open to bits;) loovely jubbly :wink: :B


Only thing I’m wondering is if all the HD DVD only movies will be ported to Blu-Ray now.


LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL I was hoping to get one of the new Toshiba HD-DVD burners so I could finally convert my Betamax tapes with my OS/2 system. ============== Only thing I’m wondering is if all the HD DVD only movies will be ported to Blu-Ray now. ^^^^^^ They probably will. That way they can sell the same movies twice and make up for some of their losses from having chosen HD DVD. Looks like it’s finally ending! :slight_smile:


Ahem: “scrapping” not “scraping”.


well, I’m always a BluRay fan, but too bad HD DVD is not on the competition anymore, because they would make BluRay players cheaper :B


^^^ agreed but HD DVD’s immediate and total death is required for Universal and Paramount to join Bluray…so I don’t feel sorry for Toshiba. If Universal and Paramount takes a neutral stance then I don’t really care if Toshiba pulls the plug or not…


It seems that the whistle blower must have leaked this info out earler and that could be why Warners, WalMart, Bestbuy and other jumped ship! You know that’s why during a General Election, TV Stations are required Not to broadcast Exit Polls because when people that have not voted hear who people are voting for they say to themselves well if everybody is voting for so n so I guess I also have to ! That’s how to sway the public! JohnnyJT :X South Philly


If true, I feel sorry for the consumers stuck with HD DVD players. I guess Sony can jack up the prices now since the competing format is probably gone.


Urk, this is not good. The only loosers are the consumers. I allways liked to see HD-DVD as the natural evolution of the DVD format. And Blu-Ray as the thirs generation format. But not to be. I think that the only reason BR might win is simply the copyproctection and other things. But if the movie industrys think this will stop piracy the are wrong, it will be cracked. HD-DVD had lots of other advantages too, like backward compatability and other nice things. If HD-DVD dies out and blu-ray burners are keept at high prices plus media to prevent piracy and so on, well then we are all loosers to sony. Lets hope not, regardless of what format wins the war.


Hopefully slysoft will make it easy to rip my HD DVDs and burn them to BD-Rs. It is indeed too bad that the unfinished and far more expensive format is winning out here, its a bad day for consumers.


@ivid there have been posts in here regarding that crap statement ie far more expensive format it is ot far more expensive :wink:


heres proof ivid most HD DVD-ROM movies are DL, while most BD-ROM movies are SL, which would make HD DVD more expensive to replicate in most situations. taken from here UPDATE: Blu-ray vs HD DVD replication costs PART 2 :B


The only way to “win” this game was not to play. I won! And I will continue to win until dvd dies or until blu ray burners and media become much more affordable.


R.I.P. HD-DVD. This war is finished now. Toshiba was a founder of HD-DVD format… and it done all possible and impossible to lose the market!!! No PC and standalone burners and disks for consumers, no advertising… They are loosers.


What really pisses me off is i bought a HD-DVD player for my 360 a month before this betrayal by warner :frowning: looks like i just wasted a hundred quid on shite all :frowning: