Toshiba shows off glasses-free 3DTV



Toshiba shows off glasses-free 3DTV.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Toshiba has introduced two new 3DTV models that can be viewed without the need of custom 3D glasses, but there are several major drawbacks to the new screens.

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Awsome :iagree:

The world is much bigger than the USA …
The samsung 3D system hardware is garbage, for reasons I’ve outlined in previous posts, but will summaries below.

  1. The infrared sensor is at the top of the glasses.
  2. Sunlight, incandescent, halogen (non-infrared coated, which is all the cheap ones :wink: ), compact fluorescent, fluorescent and metal halide all spit out enough infrared light to impede them from working correctly. Samsung have indicated this is their 3DTV warning, although perhaps they overstated the problem, but understated the brevity of the problem. Apparently compact fluorescent control gear switches at a frequency close enough to the glasses signaling frequency (22KHz) to cause trouble.


“20″ model priced near $2,800”

And to think I was about to spend $990 on a 50" non-3D Samsung 1080p plasma. Maybe I’ll just hold out for this little gem. LOL.


While that’s a good technological break through. I think that most
smart shoppers will hold out until the prices drop.