Toshiba SDR6012 problems

hi there,
I was just wondering if anyones had a problem I’m having? I have a toshiba sdr6012 slim-line DVD-r/rw burner. I have the latest firmware, and all the ide channels are set to DMA. Im currently using datasafe 4x dvd-r g04 disks (at min 1x speed always).

The first 40 or 50 disks i’ve burned have all been perfect. No problem, but now all of a sudden I’m burning disks with problems. I’m burning a film from an image (without multisession) in Nero 5.5, and when it is completed, it doesn’t report any errors, however when i play them in my dvd player or ps2, the disc starts jumping around about half way through the film, then eventually stops.

I’ve noticed that when i hold the disks up under a strong light, there are circles on the disk from the centre outwards (like the circles on a tree stump) which are ever-so-slightly varying degrees of purple, which is weird because the original disks that were fine were all a single, uniform colour purple.

I’ve tried burning normal cd-rs on the burner, and they still work fine. I’ve also tried backing up ps2 disks on the same datasafe dvd-r disks, using prassi primo dvd2.0 and they’re fine as well???

This is really puzzling me. Is my sdr6012 burner broke, or is there something i’m not spotting???

please help!!!

Hi Piemash and welcome aboard.

You know, I had the exact same problem with my NEC 1300a burner. I had this problem with several media, the worst with Ritek R02. As I could reproduce the same error on totally different computers (different hardware, different software, different firmware) with the same burner, I quickly came to the conclusion that my drive wasn’t broken, but it just had problems with the media I was trying to use.

I think this applies to your case as well. As your burner still burn CDRs fine, chances of it being broken ain’t that big.

As you say you are using Ritek G04 media, I think the case solved itsself. Ritek is known for having a varying quality. Some discs are very very good, others are too bad to be true. If you happen to have a batch that’s partially filled with good and bad discs (happened to me twice!) then you’re out of luck. Just one good thing: I don’t expect your writer to be the problem…

hi dee-ehn, and thanks for the reply.

I’m a bit confused, because I specifically bought these G04 disks because I was told that these ones are the best and virtually never go wrong??

Is there anything people can do about this? I mean it hardly seems fair for companies to sell these disks if they’re faulty.

Would you advise me not to buy these ones anymore, or do you think I was just really unlucky??


piemash the sad thing is that there are many manufacturers even worse the Ritek/Ricoh. The media market is flooded with garbage. :frowning:

I have the same problem with piemash. My Toshiba SDR6012 doesn’t work. I burn DVDs and nero gives the message burn completed succesfully. When i insert the dvd in the rom it appears that the media is empty. Last Saturday i manage to burn a verbatim DVD-R but when i tried again it had the same problem. I don’t know what to do. My DVD-ROM is under warranty but they can’t replace it because they test it and it’s ok. It has no problem with cds. Please help me, i don’t know what to do.

I’ve also been having this same problem with my Toshiba SDR-6012…with various discs. Had it happen with TDK, Sony, Ritek G04 & Memorex…and probably more, I just don’t remember all of them. The weird thing is…it will work sometimes. Out of about 50 Ritek G04’s…I only had 2 bad discs. Every Sony was bad. A few TDK’s and a few Memorex’s were bad.

I hope there is some kind of firmware update planned for a near future release, because every time I have problems with this drive, I just want to go out and pick up a USB2.0 DVD-RW drive of some sort because it’s just annoying.

am having the same problem, SDR6012 drive was replaced as being faulty 6 months ago, now a similar problem, have just updated the firmware for the machine, but every disc that is written in this burner states it is writing and operation completes but the disc remains blank this was before updating firmware and also after. Any one have any suggestions. The media i am using is fine, i have been using the same media for 6 months with 99.5% success rate, so i cant blame that.

hi anyone have any updates i am having the same problem of blank dvds when i try to burn

What is the firmware version you are using?