Toshiba sdr 1312 problem

I tried to install some burning software on my new PC (running xp) and it disabled my drive completely. I found out from some website how to get it working again by going into registry edit and it worked but…my drive is only recognised as a cd rom and dvd drive and will no longer let me burn cd’s!
please help!

If I was you I would delete the drive from the System in Control Panel and then restart the computer and let Windows find the drive again. You may need the drivers from the wensite if windows dosn’t reconise the drive.

To get to your drive.

Right click on My Computer then properties. Go to the Hardware tab then Device Manager. Go to CD/DVD open the plus button and then delete the drive.

If you don’t have My Computer on your desktop then find the Control Panel and click on Performance And Maintence then System. Then follow directions above.

Hope this helps.


Tried removing drive as you described and windows does find the drive again but still does not recognise it as a cd writer drive!
Found the drivers off the website and reinstalled them and it makes no difference.
I read someone elses post saying that they’d bought 2 sdr 1312 drives and that xp didn’t recognise them. can’t remember who it was.
The problem started when I nstalled some burning software on my brand new pc and it disbaled my drive completely. I found another 'net site that told me to remove some files out of reg-edit and that worked in so far as it gave me my drive back but no cd writer bit.
any other ideas???
thanks for having a go anyway

The second thing I can think of is to use System Restore in Xp. If it is running then you should be able to reset your computer comfiguration back to a date before you installed the CD burning program.

Might work.

You could also try reinstalling the CD burning software and then enabling the device in the progam.