Toshiba SDM1612 or LiteOn LTD 163

Ok, I am going to buy a new DVD-Rom. I think it would be one of the above mentioned. Does anybody has some experience with one of these drives? Which one would you suggest to buy? Or would you buy none of them?


Both drives have been discussed on the forum more than once so I suggest you use the Search function… But I can help you on your way: the mentioned drives do about the same thing. Both can read the full subs and both work very well with CloneCD. However, when it comes to DAE speeds the Liteon 163 is king compared to the Tosh. Also the Tosh DVD’s have some problems reading SafeDisc 2 protected games with CloneCD (has something to do with the chipset)… So I would recommend a Liteon 163 although like I said before the Tosh is excellent too. I have the SD-M1502 model (region free) myself and it’s an excellent reader…

I just bought the liteon ltd 163
GREAT drive buy it

Originally posted by oaky_88
I just bought the liteon ltd 163
GREAT drive buy it


So you finally decided to go for this drive! Good choice! :cool:

The liteon can be made region free. It’s also an excellent drive. Check out some prices in Germany at the above address!

how can the liteon ltd 163
made region free?

Search for the rpc1 util for your LiteOn, check if you have the right firmware version!

Liteon can be made region free by a visit here: