Toshiba SDM-1712 & +R/RW media

Does anyone know if the Toshiba SDM-1712 DVD-ROM is capable of reading DVD+R & DVD+RW media? The official specifications don’t mention it, but as Toshiba is backing -R/RW, they may not want to advertise it.

Does anyone have one that knows for sure?


I can’t be 100% sure, but I am almost certain it does. I have an early SD-M1612 and there is a firmware upgrade for that allowing it to read +R/RW - and I am fairly certain I read somewhere that the SD-M1712 reads it with the standard firmware.

Edit: the only link I could find is at dvdplusrw

I can’t think of any possible reason why it shouldn’t.

My Toshiba combo player reads DVD+R discs well. :slight_smile:

I think some A and B revision of the 1612 were unable to read DVD+R(W), but with a hacked firmware this limit is broken. The 1712 should not have this problem. Just have a closer look at