Toshiba SDM-1712 or LG DRD-8160B?

which do you recommend to buy.

Only , I can choose between those two models.

millon of thanks

i using the tosh not problems. i nice dvd drive

I think both are very good. Great reputation and positive review results. I’d choose LG because I can a better support in South Korea while it is difficult to find any LG drive in Japan.

thanks, i will buy LG, here in Spain more support too, but…

Toshiba SD-M1712 have support to DVD-RAM, and LG DRD-8160B, have not.

What is DVD-RAM ?

will be necessary in a future ?

LG Buffer Size = 512Kb

Toshiba Buffer Size = 192Kb

Which is good ?


Of course, the one with the larger buffer is better but I’m not sure what the 192KB size will affect the performance of Toshiba SD-M1712 drive. Some tests need to be done comparing various performance results under situations that use the buffer differently.

DVD-RAM readability is a good feature if you are going to have some DVD-RAM media. Toshiba is one of the DVD-RAM drive makers (with Hitachi and Panasonic mainly.)

Use the Search for each drive to find some user feedback.