Toshiba SD-V393su2 vhs to dvd



Hi, I have a Toshiba SD-V393su2 DVD/VHS deck. I am trying to copy some VHS tapes to my computer for editing. I have used 3 different kinds of software and they all result in the the following problem. I can only record DVD to the computer. If I have a VHS in the deck it show the screen where it is trying to read a DVD. I have done everything but it will not let the VHS copy to my computer or DVD for that matter. Please help.


I have a different deck, but there are specific instructions you have to follow to get these things to work. Are you following the instruction manual, step by step? Are you using the recommended type/brand of dvd? Are you trying to copy a commercial VHS tape (which likely has macrovision protection, and will not copy with your unit).


I will find the instruction manual for the Toshiba SD-V393su2 and go from there. I am using the Plextor ConvertXâ„¢ PX-AV100U and I can see the DVD Screen indicating No Disc just fine. This occurs in all 3 programs I tried. I am trying to copy older VHS (wedding, birthdays and etc) to the computer and then edit them for burning to a DVD.

I will find that manual and I really appreaciate your help.