Toshiba SD r6372 laptop drive problems!



Hey people,

First post here, shame it has to be due to a problem with my burner…

Anyway, my burner is churning out coaster after coaster, but I can’t afford to replace it, is there any way, at all, I can make it work? I’ve used all kinds of media, currently some no-name silver +R discs that whilst it still kills 3 out of 5, it’s better than nothing!

I have read that Toshisba asctually released this drive knowing it had problems with alot of medias, and so quickly released a successor, is it possible to force-update the firmware to that of the r6472?

I’ve firmware updated it as far as it can be (1732) and whilst it will now occasionally burn 8x media @ 4x, it still messes up too often!

My software is all up to date, both Nero and Alcohol, with a fresh XP-SP2 install!


Both burning apps are known to be picky and partly buggy.

If you have images, use DVDDecrypter to perform a burn, but use really good and recommended media!
Also have a look at > MEDIA.


Cool, thank you! :bow:

I didn’t actually know DVD Decrypter could burn images! :o :eek:


My drive has now decided to burn all RW media as normal discs, I now have a large stack of totally dead RW’s as erasing them no longer works! :frowning: Can someone offer any advice?


Erasing doesn’t work? What mediacode do they have and have you tried with Nero?
Just forget Nero, use DVDInfoPro for erasing RWs!


This may be a really n00b question, but what are the best software packages to use, as I’ve been using what I thought were good/expensive apps, and you’ve suggested 2 free ones to me as better alternates! :smiley:

I’ll check my media codes and get right back…