Toshiba SD-R6372 Firmware



:sad: I really need the firmware 1030 for this drive. Please help me. I’ve updated the firmware from 1030 to 1032 but it all became useless when i try to write on dvd±R or dvd±RW. I need the firmware 1030 to install again.


Nobody has answered… But at least i wonder if someone has this drive with the firmware 1030??



I do have the SD-R6372 and the firmware is 1030, but I have the same problems with burning DVDs.

I stumbled over this thread looking for a newer firmware…

I don’t know, when the problems first occured… it used to work some time ago. I tried reinstalling all different kinds of ASPI-Drivers, but this wouldn’t help either. Thought, a newer firmware might help, but looking at your problem, this doesn’t seem to do the trick.

Anyway, if you happen to have an idea on how to make a backup of the firmware in the drive, I could make you a copy…


1032 firmware here:


Thanxalot! :smiley:


Wich firmware did you use?

Can you send me a DISCInfo screenshot please?


I´d love to, but - sorry - no, as I sold the Drive 2 or 3 months ago :bow:


A damn… Still no testers…