Toshiba SD-R6112

Hey. I have a Toshiba Satelitte Laptop. I need to update the firmware, but it is very stupid. How the !#@$# can I update using only a DOS based update program if I can’t boot up into DOS ( XP Home!!). WTF?! Am I just screwed because stupid Toshiba cannot make a better firmware? Or is there a way to update it? I really need to update it because the firmware is original ( almost 2 years). Thanks in advance!


bump… anyone?

Get yourself a nice DOS bootdisk from somewhere like, put in a floppy for it to write to, then when it finishes, throw the firmware flashing utility and firmware file onto the disk as well. Boot into DOS, run firmware program, done.

In case it won’t fit on 1 floppydisk, put the flasher & firmware on a second one, bootup with the bootdisk, then exchange the disks and flash your drive.