Toshiba sd-r6112 problem

I have a DVD-writer toshiba sd-r6112 on my laptop. Recently it cannot recognise empty DVD-RW so I cannot burn DVDs anymore. What can i do? I can’t find Toshiba sd-r6112 firmware or any update.

Need help :frowning:

What specific firmware is on your drive?

Format the DVD-RW using DVDInfoPro, Nero would be buggy…

I have no idea :confused:
How can I see wich one is it? :o

Thanks a lot

By using a proper buning app or tools like Nero CD DVD Speed, DVDInfoPro, etc.

The firmware is 1031

1031 is the latest for your drive already.

Test the drive in another computer, maybe by using an adapter, or install the OS freshly.