Toshiba SD-R6112 & 16x ty media

ok so i thought i would do a reinstall of my os. no worries there.


i started to load back-ups and the disks were just not recognised at all the disks are good TY DVD-R 16x professional burned at 8x with little errors.

is it right to think that this drive WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES recognise these dvd-r media. am i screwed or is there a fix to it.

i had hoped someone would have fixed the firmware but i oul dnot load the 7033 firmware and the x031 region patched firmware gave the same result.

i have nothing but trouble with this drive and media comaptibilities.

is the best advice to replace it with a real dvdr drive that actually works.

cheers for all that can help i really appreciate it.

This drive is too old.

cheers for the response.

i thought as much. and i will never buy a tosh drive again

What has that to do with Toshiba??

Buy a new burner for 30 bucks or search for old media.

this drive always gave me issues with compatibility form day one. i even had tosh send me new firmware to try and sort the issues out. needless to say they did not fix the issue and it took a month of emails and phone calls to get that firmware. as far as im concerned the drive should not have these issues and was not fit for purpose. i have had the laptop now 3 yrs and i have to search for a compatible/suitable replacement which i find a pain.

therefore i will not be buying a laptop with a toshiba dive in it in the near future