Toshiba SD-R6012

This DVD-R/RW CD-R/RW drive came installed in my Gateway laptop. Works fine for CD and DVD read but sucks for DVD-RW burn. This is my second drive.

Firmware doesn’t seem to correct the problem. It looks at this 1X speed drive as 2X speed and then starts hiccuping. One time I lucked out and got it to make a DVD, but if the media is used it’s a no recognize situation. Any ideas!

It does not look like a firmware problem to me.

You are correct. I’m new to the DVD burning biz and did there was no clear direction that we have to FORMAT our blank drives before doing data storage.

I found that I could format the CD-RW by just right clicking on CD icon under My Computer. Not quite so simple for the DVD. Finally found that Roxio Direct CD (which came with my laptop) will format DVD-RWs. There is little indication of this other than me calling Tech Support. It worked fine.

Thanks for the info about the firmware.

how do u format it ?
I think I have the same problem. I have a laptop with a Toshiba DVD-RW unit. I tryed to burn some dvds with soft, the buring process worked fine, but I can not read the dvds I wrote. What is wrong ??