Toshiba SD-R5372V in Japan



Toshiba started working with Samsung from Q2 2004. Toshiba is also working hard to make their HD-DVD succeed DVD and CD as the next dominating standard for the entertainment and PC industries. SD-R5372 was never a popular product among CDFreaks members but Toshiba continues to maintain a considerable part of the entire worldwide ODD marketshare especially in terms of total sales rather than number of units. Here’s SD-R5372V with 8x DVD+R DL writing feature.

Buffalo version but the hardware is the same.

DVM-RX16FB is the internal model and DVM-RX16U2 is its external USB 2.0 version. Their prices are relatively high but Buffalo ODD models these days tend to cost somewhat more than those with the original manufacturer’s brand names. It was the opposite in the old days with the first- to third-generation DVD writers.

Some pictures from Akiba PC Hotline New Product page for this week:


More pictures on the Buffalo homepage.


For DVM-RX16U2 model:


Thanks Kenshin for the info and when will 8X DL media be available?


Some people working in the media industry (on the distribution side) will know first. I haven’t seen any reseller that sells 8x DL yet.