Toshiba SD-R5372 Please Help

I Have the Toshiba SD-R5372… But it won’t work any more… I can’t find the reciept, and have done everything i know to try to make it work… So I have nothing to loose… It stoped working after I updated the flash to TU56… I Have tried Re-Flashing with All Toshiba’s Firmware (TU53,TU55, And TU56) And it won’t work… I Took The unit back off, and it has a stamp “PC-MAIN-H552A” I think that is a Samsung Number… Toshiba won’t send out the original TU31 Firmware… Does anyone have the original TU31 Firmware, or know of a solution?? Maybe Cross Flashing or something??

“Flashing a firmware cannot resolve hardware problems.”

That’s an important rule.