Toshiba SD-R5372 | Help!

Hello, sorry for this dumb question (perhaps), im very n00B!! :confused:

I have that toshiba writer and is and exellent drive, really cool.

But im having a strange issue, i burn dvd5 (verbatin 8x +r), but later i can’t read that disc with the same drive i burned it!!!

What can be?

Thanks for reading and if i have luck for answering!!

EDIT: i have read this:
But nothing!! :frowning:

this forum seems to be not Toshiba related in fact.
u shld scan ur disc, do a transfer test after ur burn to double chk ur disc is fine. did you?

No Toshiba forum yet and it is clear Samsung has troubles with the Toshiba-Samsung TSST business. The fact that Samsung continues to pursue Blu-ray whereas Toshiba primarily focuses on HD-DVD (former AOD) can’t help.

Please check your medium (Verbatim DVD+R 8x) with DVDIdentifier ( and determine the media code.
What software have you used?

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The Toshiba SD-R5372 has poor burn quality on Verbatim media from my test results.
It is very possible that the burn quality is so bad that your drive cannot read the disc.
Do you have any other drives that have disc quality testing abilities?

Thanks, the drive was coming dead!, i changed it.