Toshiba sd-r5372 freeze when burning

Toshiba sd-r5372 with and before the latest firmware freezes when burning dvds. Tried Nero and Ulead but the software doesn’t matter. It is random and about 1/10 it freezes windows xp while burning. I had it on cable select but changed to slave and it still does it. Not even burning dual layer or max speed. WTF is it a conflict? I have a regular cdrom installed also. Could it be power? I don’t know why it would freeze totally instead of just giving some error.

Change it to Master, set it alone on your secondary IDE channel, as some drives prefer this setting.

Damn I would have to disconnect my normal cd/dvd drive then. I have 2 HD and then 2 cd/dvd drives.

Try it alone as master on the secondary IDE channel for testing purposes first.
If it works fine there, hook up the 2nd drive as a slave and test again.

Alone as the master it still freezes. Fucking piece of shit.

Calm down buddy, no need for profanity.
Can you tell me: what is the MID code of the discs you are attempting to burn?

toshiba 5372 is fussy about media. use the right media to save troubles.


It has been all kinds of media. Ritek, Teon, Verbatim and Memorex DVD+R.

out of ur media, i think only Verbatim works better. avoid others. not even Memorex (CMC)

I suggest testing the drive in another PC to eliminate the possibility of a system-specific issue. If the drive still doesn’t work, I’m afraid you have a defective unit. Return it or get it replaced…

I have the same model, firmware updates done. Try a DVD-RW, it will work, even with Memorex at 2x or 4x. I couldn’t burn a single DVD-R from my 50-pile of Vio DVD-R (2x). I tried 1x 2x 4x and all software you can think of including Nero and Burn4Free, but nothing works, even when the computer is completely idle, with DMA activated on its own IDE cable alone. I think the kind of media (DVD disks) we use affects the machine performance in writing. Please if anyone knows good media for my DVD burner, post it here! :clap:

Just read my review to see what media works ok with this burner: Toshiba SD-R5372
Although, even with ok media this drive is inconsistent and will sometimes produce coasters or poor quality discs.