Toshiba SD-R5372 doesn't recognize DVD+Rs that it creates



I am having a problem with the Toshiba SD-R5372 drive that I am hoping someone can help me with.

Here is the scenario:

  • I burn some data files to a blank DVD+R using Nero Burning ROM software. Nero reports that the burn is successful.
  • I eject and reinsert the disc.
  • Intermittently, the drive does not recognize the DVD. Either the light on the drive stays on indefinitely, or the light finally turns off, but if I click on the drive letter in Windows Explorer, the system displays a message indicating that the disc is corrupt or is in a non-Windows format. Ejecting and reinserting the disc multiple times does not help.

If I take the same DVD to another drive, the drive usually recognizes the disc, and the files on the disc are readable. This is true even if I bring the DVD to another Toshiba SD-R5372 drive. But if I put it back in the drive that created the DVD, the DVD is not recognized.

I recreated this problem with three different Toshiba drives on three different PCs, so I know that it isn’t a problem with a particular drive. Two of the PCs are running XP Pro SP1 and the other PC is running XP Embedded SP1.

I tried the following, with no change in behavior: (1) attempting with DMA turned on then turned off, (2) uninstalling the DVD drive and the IDE controller in Device Manager, then rebooting to let Windows re-recognize the devices, (3) making sure that the drive is set to “Master” and putting it on its own IDE channel, (4) reinstalling the entire OS on the PC to make sure that there were no other traces of DVD-burning software installed, (5) upgrading the firmware on the drive to the latest version (TU55).

This doesn’t appear to be a problem with Nero, because I recreated the problem using Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 and Sonic DLA. It is also not a file system issue, because I recreated the problem while writing files in ISO9660 and UDF.

I recreated the problem using Sony DVD+R, Maxell DVD+R, and Memorex DVD+R media. Toshiba recommends Maxell media.

This problem doesn’t surface with every burn, but it happens often enough such that it is becoming a real annoyance.

Does anyone have any ideas of other things that I can try to resolve this problem?


You have Packet-Writing software installed which often produces such problems you mentioned…


Brown, how about the past burnings? did you encounter the same issue or just recently?


I have only been using these drives for the past several weeks, and this has been an issue from the beginning.

And to answer one of the previous postings, I reproduced this problem using a configuration without any packet-writing software installed. Specifically, I reinstalled XP Pro on a PC, then I installed Nero Burning ROM without the InCD component. I believe that InCD is the packet-writing software.

I also reproduced this problem on an XP Embedded PC that doesn’t include the IMAPI component, so Microsoft’s CD-burning engine wasn’t even on that system.

I appreciate the questions and ideas of what might be causing this. I am hoping that there is some tweak that I can make to the BIOS or to the registry which might make this problem go away.


Very strange… I have not seen this problem on my Toshiba SD-R5372.
Although, I do see some failed burns occasionally and poor or inconsistent writing quality. :doh:


so far only 2 f/w rev on this drive. quite saddening.


I agree :sad:

If Toshiba firmware developers would focus on improving media support and writing quality this drive COULD be excellent.
Instead it appears that they focused on adding on new specs so that they could post press releases in an attempt to sell more drives. :a