Toshiba SD-R5372 does not recognize or burn DVD/CD

Dear People,

I have an Toshiba SD-R5372 DVD writer. And suddenly it does not recognize any CD or DVD. And it also does not burn.

Windows is saying everything is ok and the only CD I can read is the easy install CD from the manufacturer of the PC (Targa).

I’ve upgraded the firmware to TU56 and also deleted the lower filter(there was no upper filter)

I tried to remove the device and added it again but it does not help. the help desk of targa said that if the writer reads the easy install cd it is not broke.

Can anybody help me with this problem? Sorry for my bad English.
Many thanks.

Simon (from Holland)

They say CD, but does this drive have 2 “laser” units? 1 for cd and 1 for dvd? Then the dvd part could be dead and it is a warranty case.

Thank you for you’re reaction. I’ve mailed the helpdesk so who knows?
Anyway the drive does not read DVD also.

I just found out something else. CD-ROM which boot themself it can read. But to Explore CD-ROM when asked does not work…

Then this is a driver/software problem.

I updated firmware TU56 (the newest) But I can not find an new driver for this drive.
If anyone has an idea? The Toshiba site I can not find it.

Thnx. people!

No driver is needed! All drivers come with the OS.

Try deleting the upper & lower filters, see my sig.