Toshiba SD-R5372 Commercial DVD Read Problems

Greetings All,

I’m having a problem with a Toshiba SD-R5372 DL-DVD Burner recognizing certain commercial DVD’s (originals, not copies.) The really odd thing is that some of these titles (like LOTR Return of the King) played fine in the very same drive just a few weeks ago. I’ve not installed anything new that I can recall as I’ve been away from the computer on vacation. I’ve done the troubleshooting outlined in the pinned t-shooting thread (DMA etc.), I’ve updated the firmware to the latest (TU55) and even removed all DVD authoring software, to no avail. The only thing I haven’t done is move the drive to a different computer to test.

Some DVD’s read fine. For example The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers read fine, but Return of the King does not. The drive light keeps flashing every few seconds as it tries to recognize the disc. Some discs in the same set even show different success. For example, I have the Toy Story 1 & 2 disc set and Toy Story 2 reads fine, while Toy Story 1 does not. Often I find the extras disc will read if the main feature disc does not. Here are some other discs affected; all are original dvds, and play fine in standalone DVD players or my laptop DVD-Rom:

Predator (Enhanced Widescreen edition)
Matrix Revolutions (Matrix 1 & 2 read fine)
A Knights Tale
Finding Nemo Widescreen disc (the full screen disc reads fine)
Digital Video Essentials
Toy Story
Return of the King

If I put one of these DVDs just after boot but before OS startup (WinXP) they exhibit the same seek behavior. So I’m guessing there is something on or with these discs that is interferring with the burners ability to recognize them as a DVD. I have had problems with this drive recognizing mixed media audio CD’s (like when the first track is computer extras) but putting the disc in and out a few times usually gets by this. Blank DVDs are recognized and burn fine.

Has anyone seen or heard anything like this before, or have any suggestions to resolve? I’ve not had much luck searching for similar issues on this forum or via google. Any help is very much appreciated!


Hi and welcome to cdfreaks,

TU55 isn´t the latest firmware for the SD-R5372.
TU56 is. You will find it on my website at

I recommend to update your IDE drivers and the firmware.
After that, try the drive again…

Take care

Thanks for the ideas Toshibaer. I updated to the TU66 firmware and updated my IDE drivers (I have a SiS 5513 IDE UDMA Controller apparently) but the burner will still not read the problem dvds. I do have a new tab for the controller properties though, maybe it will be helpful. It lists the following:

Toshiba CD/DVDW SD-R537
UDMA Supported - 2 (UDMA 33)
PIO Supported - 4
DMA Supported - 2
Device Current Used - UDMA mode 2
Minor Version - ATA/ATAPI-7

You might try forcing windows to re-detect the devices and reload the drivers.
If there was a controller problem, that will fix it.

You will need to go to the Device Manager and open the DVD\CD-ROM Drives listing.
You will Right click on the CD/DVD Drive (And any others) and select ‘Un-install’ from the Drop-Down Menu.
Next you will need to open the IDE ATA\ATAPI Controllers listing.
You will need to right click on the Bus Master IDE Controller (there will be 3 choices under the controllers listing:
Primary, Secondary and a 3rd choice, choose the 3rd choice) and select ‘Un-install’ from the drop down menu.

You will be prompted to re-boot, so do so. It willneed to re-detect the devices and will take longer to boot.
Once it finishes it will prompt for a second reboot.

After that finishes, please try the drive again.

Take care

I had forced windows to redetect the controller previously, I haven’t done so since installing the updated controller drivers, but will try that. Since installing the new controller drivers and firmware, ripping takes twice as long. :sad:

Just to reiterate, I’m only having issues with a handful of dvds. I’m really wondering if there isn’t something with the way they were authored, or if its some sort of conflict with software that’s trying to be installed (Interactual) or a copy protection scheme. It does seem pretty arbitrary though, old discs, newer discs, sometimes just the feature disc, but the extras disc works fine, etc.

Forced redetect of IDE Controller and still cannot read problem DVDs…and ripping is still slow…might need to go back to stock XP drivers.