Toshiba SD-R5272 to buy or not to buy?



Does anyone have an experience with using the toshiba? I’ve narrowed it down to this one or the nec 2500A. I’ve heard people taK about the nec and its good write quality. But it seems not many have the toshiba. Anyone out there got one? Please let me know so i can decide about this. Thanks


Hi, djd1!
I’m a satisfied user of Toshiba SD-R5272 for several weeks now. I have burnt few dozens of DVDs and I can tell you this:

-It seems that NEC ND-2500A is slightly better in terms of writing quality. Nevertheless, Toshiba’s writing is still very good.
-Toshiba is supposedly somewhat pickier when it comes to cheap media. I can’t confirm that as I was using not-so-lousy (but still pretty cheap) Ritek and Ricoh media. Results are OK.

-Very fast reading (both DVD & CD media), while NEC is painfully slow
-Pretty good writing (not the best, but still very good)
-Very quiet during spin-ups & spin-downs, unlike most drives
-Unlike NEC, it CAN bypass almost every game protection scheme
-reads DVD-RAM format

All in all, NEC is a very good writer, but don’t buy it if you don’t have another DVD reader (a fast one) in your system. Toshiba, on the other hand, does everything well enough, great reader, good writer, fast, quiet… It is well suited to be an only drive in a system. I can recommend it!!!


I have the SD-R5272 and am very happy with it. I only use -R media, so that is all I have tried. Writes very well to Ritek G04 @4x and Fuji 4X (TYG01) @ 8X.
If you want a drive to tinker with or overclock buy an NEC or LiteON. If you want a dependable drive that will do what it is supposed to do… go for the Toshiba.


I just bought it, can’t wait for it to arrive. From all the reviews, this looks to be THE drive to have as a universal optical drive.
My DVD-ROM is dying, my CD Writer is 8x, this looks like a great choice. I love the low seek times, good write quality, media compatibility and the fact that it copies most if not all CD game protections. I hate nothing more than having my originals in the drive to play a game I purchased.
I’ll post my experiences here.