Toshiba Sd-r5272-1031 Media Problem/question

Hi Guys…

I recently purchased a TOSHIBA SD-R5272-1031 and am experiencing problems burning DVDs (I read through the posts concerning this drive but could not :confused: find an answer to my problem). I’m using MEMOREX DVD+R /4X and FUJIFILM DVD-RW/2X recording media.

MEMOREX DVD+R /4X: It will burn but will not play on my home DVD player (MINTEK 1600) or on my computer. XP says this: “Disk is not formatted. Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible the Windows”. MINTEK says: no disk. When I tried to play it in my other DVD drive (Panasonic LF-D521U) it did nothing…although XP did see it this time and showed the disk as blank!?!

FUJIFILM DVD-RW/2X: Basically the same problems.

My ASPI layer is: v4.5.7 (1008) - installed and fully operational.

Is it the media itself :confused: If so, are there any recomendations?
As stated above…I’m running XP (w/SP2).

Thank you … c4evap [Deana]

Sorry…forgot to mention: I’m burning the DVDs with NEROVISION EXPRESS v2.1.2.0

C4evap [Deana] :bigsmile:

Do you have access to any other burning software?

Have you tried upgrading to ASPI 4.60… btw, do nto go higher than 4.60, will have major compaitbility issues with other proggy’s. The best way I ever experienced it to be done, is using 4.57 and then upgrading to 4.60.

Since you already have 4.57 installed, just upgrade it:

…just noticed…
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OK. I upgraded my ASPI layer. Still no good. Will try another DVD burning program…

Thanx … Deana

I have the same drive and have had good luck with Ritek G04 and Prodisc S03 DVD-Rs. These only record at 4X w 1031 FW. TYG01’s will burn @8X with excellent results. I also have two of the same standalone DVD Players as you have (scarey we have the same burner and player). One of the Minteks will read DVD+R’s no problem, the other won’t unless the disc is bitset to -ROM before burning (but the Toshiba can’t bitset). Both Minteks read DVD-RW and DVD+RW no problem.
If NeroVision outputs a VIDEO_TS folder, you can always use IMGTOOL to build a image file from the output and use DVD Decrypter to burn the image.

Nope! NFG! I’ve tried NERO, ULEAD, DVD-LAB…etc. Nothing works. When burned with NERO would not play on my home player (no disk inserted error message) but was visible in Windows…Media Player will play it but no sound. NERO will play it with sound. When burnt with ULEAD…Windows will not see the disk (asks me to insert a blank disk) and still won’t play on my home player. Similar results with other DVD software!!! :sad: . Don’t think it’s the software…gotta be the recorder. My Panasonic (Matshita) LF-D521 recorder works perfectly with the DVD -R/-RW disks (won’t do DVD +R/+RW). Gotta say…I’LL NEVER BUY ANOTHER TOSHIBA PRODUCT AGAIN!!! The reason I chose the SD-R5272 was because it is supposed to be a good recorder and it is supposed to be able to burn DVD -R/-RW and +R/+RW disks. Can’t prove that by me…guess I have a new paper weight :frowning: (sob).

Anyway…thanks for your help.


Thanks, I’ll try that next…but I am really getting fed up. Why can’t anything be easy:confused: HEY…anyone out there wanna buy a Toshiba SD-R5272 cheap???

Frustrated Deana :stuck_out_tongue:

My only other guess would be if you are using a motherboard with a NForce 2 Chipset and using the NVidia IDE drivers. A friend went through several LiteON drives until we narrowed the problem down to the NVidia drivers.
My original 5272 died after several weeks. It would write a DVD without any error messages. When the DVD was put back in the drive it would say the disc was blank or explorer would hang forever. It sounds like the drive is bad. I returned mine to the vendor I ordered from and got a new one and it works great. Toshiba is also very good at offering support via email and will often suggest you return the drive for exchange through Toshiba without any hastle as long as it is in the warranty period, which it should be since these drives are less than a year old. You are only out the shipping.

No NVidia on my system ( I work for IBM and we make their chips…I know better :stuck_out_tongue: - you should see some of the “people” working there…if we made hamburgers they’d be full of snot ~heehee). I will contact Toshiba (hope I can find my receipt) and return the drive to them. Hopefully, it IS defective. It does bug me that I will be out the shipping. They should really pay for that as well.


I see you’re from Brooklyn. I grew up there. Last place I lived was Sheepshead Bay/Gravesend area. Gravesend was aptly named…seems they were always finding some poor mob guy there dead in a car with several slugs behind an ear. That and crack dealers in my local park were two of the reasons I relocated upstate. Gotta say though…there’s NO place like Brooklyn!


Hi,Ive got a toshiba SD-r5272 writer,problem writing with new dvd+r sony 1x-16x,never did with last pack of dvds 1x-4x,can my writer work with these discs,Im using dvd decrypter to write and it say the disc is not empty when i try to write.thanks for looking.Ive used this writer alot and now this problem…

OK, 1031 seems to be a relaitvely new firmware for this writer.

I can only suggest to stay away from media like Memorex, even they seem to be cheap and have flodded your buying area… [B]resist![/B]
I would advice to buy good 8x rated dvd media instead of 16x anyway.

If you are using +R/RW/DL media and your player cannot recognize/play them, usually the player has a problem with plus/dash media. A solution is to bitset the plus media to DVD-ROM, if possible.

If you burn with imgburn or nero then post a logfile (please remove serials).

hi , yesterday i found a thread where somebody posted a firmware from Samsung that workes for this model of Toshiba . My drive now reports being a Samsung Drive. But still not recognising the 16X media I tried to burn…

Just because the post ,that I’m not able to find through search…:frowning: , was a little bit old, I wonder if Samsung has an even newer firmware and if we could use it on the Toshiba drive…

(I’m at work and I don’t remember the name of the drive to search on the Samsung site :

Anyone can help with some opinions /advise?